How can a Parent Help a Child Make Adequate Progress in Life?

learn through playA good parent is concerned with more than the child’s progress in schoolwork. A good parent should also focus on the general progress that a child is making in all aspects of life. Not all children are good academically. Therefore, focusing on raising a child to excel purely in academics isn’t a great idea. It would be much better to spend time raising a well-rounded child who has a higher chance of making adequate progress in life.

Traits of a well-rounded child

A well-rounded child displays specific traits. Such a child is:

  • Outgoing
  • Smart
  • Respectful
  • Obedient
  • Prudent
  • Confident
  • Compassionate
  • Humble
  • Loving
  • Happy

The big question you have to answer is how can you raise such a child?

Support System

First, focus on developing a system that provides the child with the solid support required to make significant progress in life. This way the child grows up feeling confident and competent. The solid support helps the child to feel capable and adequate. The support helps the child to grow up feeling passionate and purposeful. Your child needs this quality of education at home even before stepping into a classroom at school for the first time.

Special Skills

Your next task involves encouraging the child to display special skills. Understand that the child is a person full of unique gifts as well as special talents. Create the environment that enables the child to use these special skills without feeling weird. Obviously, the child needs to use the skills or special talents responsibly. Don’t restrict all the playtime you have with your child to specific structure. Set aside time for unstructured play and see the special skills in the child blossom.

Applaud and Praise

praising your kidA child grows an inch higher every day with every single applause or praise from the parent. The applause and praise are two of the most effective tools that you have for affirming your child. A child who receives plenty of praise from the parent has no trouble developing and displaying positive behavior. Learn to praise and applaud the child for any hard work and positive result. This way, the child develops willingness for facing new challenges with hard work.

Learning Styles

As previously stated, each child learns differently. Therefore, avoid restricting your child to a specific form of learning. Some children can learn despite the amount of noise around them. Some children learn best using music. Other than musical, other ways that your child can learn include interpersonal traits, linguistically and logically or mathematically. Identify the specific learning style that befits your child and encourage it.

Lastly, don’t stop encouraging your child to read. It is always never too early for your child to begin reading. Keep storybooks in the house for your preschoolers or school-going child. Learn to spend time together with the child. Eat dinner together. Keep the child away from all electronics around 30 minutes before bedtime. Hug your child as many times as possible in addition to the support system, encouraging special skills, embracing learning styles and applauding all hard work.

Start taking these measures from today and see your child making significant progress in life.