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Single Parents Guide to Dating    

datingFor many single persons, the prospects of finding the perfect date are often very difficult. For single parents, dating is a complicated affair mainly because it goes beyond your personal needs and involves your children as well. Picking out and settling on one person to date is hard enough without adding the opinions of other people. However, single parents have to ensure everyone’s needs is considered in their dating ventures. If you are a single parent wondering what to consider before officially introducing someone as your date, you ought to honestly answer the following questions: Continue reading

How to Inform your Children that you’re Getting Divorce

divorcingDid you know that divorce isn’t always painful to children? If the parents have consistently been fighting in front of their children, a divorce might be good for everybody. Some kids develop positive traits after their parents’ divorce. In such cases, the children become more responsible, mature and sensitive. Despite or because of the effects of divorce on children, it’s important for parents to identify the best ways of breaking the news of the impending breakup to the young children to avoid making a bad situation worse for the little ones. Continue reading

10 Ways to be a Great Dad

great dadParenting is one of the worst fears for most men, and this is mainly attributed to the enormous responsibilities that come with becoming a father. Whether you are a ROOFER or politician, being a father is one of the toughest yet satisfying full time jobs you will ever handle.  While most men view fatherhood as a scary venture, there are many benefits that fatherhood offers especially if you raise your children well. Even though the first months of fatherhood can prove challenging, you need to know that children grow up very fast, and fatherhood is an experience like no other. This makes it essential to give your children and yourself the best experience by making the most of the fatherhood.

Continue reading

Ways to Reduce Single-Parent Stress

parenting stylesFor many single parents, raising children can be a stressful affair. This is because you have to double up as the mother and father of your children. Parenting is often challenging enough even in a scenario where partners cooperate, and the stress of raising children single-handedly cannot be understated. Nonetheless, many single parents have made it and been able to arise their children into successful adults. With these tips, you can find your footing as a single mother and reduce the stress that comes with raising children alone. Continue reading

Best Ways Mums Can Balance Work and Family

balancing workBeing a mum is never an easy task. Mons are extra ordinary women who  are forced to go an extra mile in their day’s activities being compelled to handle more than a single function. Childcare versus reporting to work on a daily basis proves to be strenuous to women in society today. Below are some ways that mums can employ to be able to balance both profession and family. Continue reading

Ways of Making Joint Child Custody Work

Child CustodyJoint child custody is the methodology where parents take care of their children despite the disagreements and separation between them. It is incorporated in most of our life activities, and schedules should alternate through both of the parties involved. It is a very cumbersome decision to make when one is forced to agree with someone they could not tolerate. The joint custody enables parents to help their young ones adapt to any family adjustments. Continue reading

How can a Parent Help a Child Make Adequate Progress in Life?

learn through playA good parent is concerned with more than the child’s progress in schoolwork. A good parent should also focus on the general progress that a child is making in all aspects of life. Not all children are good academically. Therefore, focusing on raising a child to excel purely in academics isn’t a great idea. It would be much better to spend time raising a well-rounded child who has a higher chance of making adequate progress in life. Continue reading

Understanding your Child’s Social and Emotional Needs

socialSocial and emotional well-being is essential for every human being and especially children. Many parents fail to recognize and attend to the social and emotional needs of their children, and this is one of the leading causes of dysfunctional children in today’s society. When a child’s social and emotional needs are not met, they are unable to fit into society and end up becoming social misfits. This article discusses the social and emotional needs that every parent ought to pay attention to and ways through which parents can understand and enhance their children’s social and emotional well-being. Continue reading

Principles of Good Parenting

parentingIt is the aspiration of every parent to bring up their child in the best way so that they actually mature into a responsible and well-mannered individual. Unfortunately, every child is different and perceptions of good parenting different from one individual to another. There are however certain standard principles that are considered the best for people who want to practice good parenting. Continue reading