10 Ways to be a Great Dad

great dadParenting is one of the worst fears for most men, and this is mainly attributed to the enormous responsibilities that come with becoming a father. Whether you are a ROOFER or politician, being a father is one of the toughest yet satisfying full time jobs you will ever handle.  While most men view fatherhood as a scary venture, there are many benefits that fatherhood offers especially if you raise your children well. Even though the first months of fatherhood can prove challenging, you need to know that children grow up very fast, and fatherhood is an experience like no other. This makes it essential to give your children and yourself the best experience by making the most of the fatherhood.

  1. Spend more time with your child.

Many fathers tend to focus on making money and providing physical needs for their children. This creates huge social disparities between them and their children and by the time they want to build a relationship, the kids are all grown and distant. To avoid losing out on the finer years, you ought to spend as much time as you can with your children. Even if you are a busy person, you can always set aside two hours weekly to spend time with your children.

  1. Respect your partner.

Children often learn from the adults they interact with and the best way to teach your child how to respect other people is by treating your partner with utmost respect. This will build a harmonious environment that makes the child feel secure.

  1. Listen more to your children.

listen to childMost dads are regarded as the final say in their families, and once they speak, their words are given maximum weight and respect. This should not be the case since it curtails the ability f children to make their personal decisions. To be a great dad, you ought to give your children the chance to speak and her out their views before voicing your opinions or making your decision.

  1. Encourage play and humor.

Dads are often viewed as the serious parents and in many cases, they act as the bad, unapproachable cops in parenting. This makes it difficult for children to interact with them. If you want to be a great father you have to encourage your children to play and socialize. You also need to act in a humorous way and have a good laugh with them as this tends to create a good relationship.

  1. Be a role model.

Most kids look up to their dads for guidance because they aspire to become like their fathers. This makes fatherhood a great responsibility and creates the need for fathers to act as role models for their children.

  1. Set rules and boundaries.

As much as you may love your children, you have to set regulations and nurture discipline in them. You have to teach them that to each of their actions there is a consequence. This will help them develop self-control and discipline.

  1. Discipline with love.

Whenever a child goes wrong, their mother will often threaten to report them to their dad. This is because fathers are viewed as the disciplinarians in their homes. This role gives you power which you should exercise with love. As opposed to harsh punishments, you need to correct your child in a reasonable and loving manner to avoid creating fear and hatred.

  1. Read to your child.

Most fathers overlook the importance of reading to their children. This is a great way of bonding with your children and nurturing their thirst for knowledge. It also nurtures a reading culture amongst them hence prepares them mentally and emotionally for the learning and schooling experience.

  1. Encourage independence.

Children who get support from their fathers tend to gain confidence and independence. As a dad, you can foster independence by assigning them roles and rewarding them for a good job. Additionally, you can also let them help you in a major project, like building your shed, fixing the garage door or mowing your lawn amongst other activities that you engage in around the house.

  1. Be affectionate.

Many dads tend to portray emotional distance, and this does not help their relationships with their children. Being affectionate towards your children will help you gain their confidence and trust, and you will find this particularly important when they grow into teens and later on adults.